Veronika Reutz Drobnić is a composer and performer of new music, renowned for her innovative approaches to non-traditional and visual scores, instrumental composition utilizing pre-existing material, and captivating performances encompassing improvisational and performative elements.She has studied at the Music Academy in Zagreb for a year, after which she completed her Bachelor's degree at HDMK Stuttgart under the guidance of mentors such as Martin Schüttler, Jennifer Walshe, and Joanna Bailie. Continuing her pursuit of excellence, she pursued her Master's degree at HfM Karlsruhe, studying with Markus Hechtle and Wolfgang Rihm. Additionally, Veronika has also expanded her knowledge and expertise through study at the Kunitachi College of Music with Motoharu Kawashima. Currently, Veronika is a freelance composer and a PhD candidate at the ZHdK Zürich and HfM Karlsruhe.Throughout her career, Veronika's compositions have garnered international recognition and have been performed at prestigious festivals worldwide. Some notable appearances include IMPULS festival and Darmstädter Ferienkurse in Germany, Suntory Hall Summer in Japan, HNK Zagreb and Music Biennale Zagreb in Croatia, Oak Bay Festival in Canada, and Agorà Forum & Sounds in Italy, among many others.Her unique artistic vision has earned her numerous scholarships and grants, including the esteemed BW Stipendium grant, ZONTA stipend for best women in music, GdF grant, PROMOS grant and the Deutschlandsstipendium. Veronika has been the recipient of several prestigious prizes, including the Suntory Hall composition competition prize Japan, Oak bay competition Prize Canada, Piazza del Mondo prize Italy, SEED Project composition prize and SWR Orchestra composition competition prize.Looking ahead, Veronika will have numerous international performances in 2024, including installations, multimedial, classical and electronic music concerts and will be working with prestigious ensembles, orchestras and festivals such as Pony Says, SWR Orchestra, Mixtur Festival, Novalis festival and many others. Her upcoming performances promise to captivate audiences with their innovative and evocative musical expressions. Below you can find the full list of upcoming events:

Next Concert dates11.06.2024.
'Bold Landscapes No.1'
for a string quartet and accordeon
MUT1, HfM Karlsruhe, Germany
'Segmentation No.86'
for piano and saxophone
Varaždin, Croatia
for two clarinets
Music ToGo,
Karlsruhe, Germany
18.07.2024. 16:00
'Segmentation No.86'
for recorder and cembalo
Genuit Saal, Karlsruhe, Germany
Bold Landscapes No.1
for a string quartet and accordeon
'Reverse idol'
for accordeon
Makarska, Croatia
in progress
Mixtur festival Barcelona
for saxophone and clarinet
'Three thoughts on folk music'
for wind ensemble
in progress
for four recorders
Karlsruhe, Germany
for clarinet and piano, Zagreb, Croatia
'Immersive Bodies'
Multimedial concert
R!SK Festival
in progress
for harp and voice
HfM Karlsruhe, Germany
'Immersive Bodies'
intermedial installation
'14 1/2 themes for TV advertising' for bassoon and live electronics
Zagreb, Croatia


Biglietto lasciato prima di non andar via

Unicorn sees



A day in a diary of a fly

"Ought it not to be possible to live differently?" [w/ score]